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Redefining the Way We Move


NODE AIR is a company basically oriented towards finding solutions for future urban and suburban mobility through a product that is the creation of self-sustaining electric air transport for several passengers and cargo.


The general concept is to be able to offer a more ecological, economical, clean, sustainable, quiet and practical transport option for urban cargo and passenger transport in the near future.


Unlike other similar concepts and ideas, the NODE AIR DRONE is not only designed for individual mobility, but also adds and contributes to the collective transport of passengers, thus also decongesting the current traffic problems on highways with their traffic jams and accidents.


The concept of NODE AIR is a vehicle that is practical, scalable, modular, ecological and adaptable to the circumstances, both for cargo and passengers according to its use and performance.


We believe that it marks a new trend in relation to future urban and suburban transport.


We are a company, made up of a work team where collective participation makes the difference in relation to individual creation, we all add to the success of the project, each one in their specialty

Building the Team


Our Journey So Far



We decided to create a total different concept, integrated, fully coordinated and as a one package solution.  The idea was not to create a drone, the idea was to create a transport solution including a drone for cargo and public transportation.



Technical details, production problems, final results, and full structural compatibility are established and assembled. The final product is ready for live tests and production.



We built our website and prepared the material to show in Dubai exhibition

First six month


Pablo Figueroa managed the interior development of molds, parts and full assembly for Bell’s Nexus electric and hybrid aircrafts as presented in Vegas’s CES in 2019 and 2020. Pablo came up with the idea of NODE-AIR and its integrated transportation system. He created a team of four designers to help develop this scalable transport system.  During August 2020 we start the dream.



All sketches and ideas are folded into one final design, fully rendered and live.



We were invited to attend Expo Dubai Annual Investment,, which will be held from March 29 to March 31, 2022 to present our concept.



The Dubai exhibition was a success; the press media began to take note of our concept; the company team is finished and ready; company legal status is done; the website is updated; we are ready to talk with partners. Business is growing fast.  We are ready for next step.


Pablo Figueroa


An excellent team player with extensive knowledge in both design for manufacturing and industrial design. Major strengths are project management, digital design modeling, tool design, product design, expert level proficiency in rapid prototyping.


High level proficiency of the machining process, with output for virtual evaluation, scale model and full size prototype output for evaluation, out of the box thinking. My BA and MBA are what drives my passion in design and business administration.


Specialties are

Managing people

Hard modeling

Tool design

Rapid prototyping

eze final_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Ezequiel Figueroa

Engineering Chief

Industrial designer with extensive experience in project management, capable of offering adequate analysis and subsequent development.

During my work experience as an industrial designer, my focus has been on developing new ideas and products and looking for innovation and aesthetics.

I am specialized in:

Cad modeler. 
Hard modeling.
Concept design.
Reverse engineering.
Rapid prototyping.
Machining center manufacturing.
3d printing products.
Laser-cut design.
Carbon fiber products.

Federico Gonzalez

Chief Design Officer

A proficient and initiative industrial/transportation

designer with a solid background and strong

knowledge of design concepts, innovative strategy


Driven by passion, motivated and enthusiastic, capable of handling multiple projects concurrently

will become an essential member of any team.

My specialties are:

• User Research, User Insight Finding, Unique

Selling Point, product strategy.

• Design organization.

• Conceptual Design.

• Innovation in Industrial Design, and user experience.  Design, and product strategy.

Mark Royo Celano

Branding Officer

I feel comfortable in establishing a connection between people, building bridges of ideas and working as a team, sharing passions, goals and learning during the process.

I mostly use art as a means of communication, especially photography, where I find myself with great pleasure finding the images to transmit and connect.

As a branding officer, my job is to build and inform you of the strong products and know-how of this great team and company.

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