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is an Autonomous Integrated

Transportation System.

NODE AIR is a transport system that help the main niches covered by transport, through a modular design, making NODE AIR the most versatile product on the market.

Is a combined solution which caters to different industries by supplying a multitude of transporting options to fit the need of the end user.

Whether the need is to transfer product or personnel the NODE AIR has that covered.


These systems significantly have increased safety, efficiency and convenience for the users who interact with them on a daily basis.


Autonomous transport technology built within NODE AIR is used to support professionals in healthcare, military defense, postal service, commercial transportation and warehousing markets by reducing the amount of time required for repetitive tasks providing more productivity and efficiency.

NODE AIR is continuously adaptable and customizable which is an intelligent labor-saving resource made to complement the unique needs of businesses across different industries. We understand the investment for the new Urban Air Mobility projects such as NODE AIR is significant.


Which is why it embraced an integrated system and detailed proposal. Investment in the development program will allow us to refine and perform in multiple markets, with the potential to grow and expand the product line over the short and long term.


Our mission is to transport individuals from one destination to another, and helps create a futuristic experience during the trip


This module will pave the way to better transport for troops and/or equipment with better efficiency while using a cost - effective platform


The Postal Module consists of two module types.  Firstly, one is a container to transport goods from factories to warehouses.


This module will be the pioneer of the medical industry and clear leader amongst the modules.


We are aware of the geopolitical problems and migrations issues that exist around the world.


These platforms use the same battery package of the fuselage which means they are intercahngeable between the two.

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